• Assume commitments to all customers in order to fully verify compliance with the contractual requirements;
  • Accept challenges by presenting to its customers creative, technologically innovative and environmentally friendly solutions;
  • Develop new business areas, through research and development of solutions and strategic projects for the company's activity;
  • Participate actively in the sustainable management strategy, ensuring on an ongoing basis the improvement of the population life quality, developing strategies through the development of projects and studies, based on the highest standards of performance in terms of quality and environmental protection;
  • Respect and comply with the Quality, Environment and Safety Policy of Hidurbe;
  • Respect and comply with applicable environmental legislation, ensuring full respect for the Environment in all its activities.



  • Being a reference company in the environment field;
  • Establish a culture of confidence and mutual respect with partners;
  • Gain the confidence and increasing credibility of customers through high levels of satisfaction resulting from its performance.



Hidurbe governs its activity according some basic principles that can be condensed in the following points:

  • Full knowledge of its customers needs;
  • Strict compliance with environmental laws and environment protection;
  • Creation of technically and economically viable solutions, which are the priority of our activity;
  • Guidance to the principles of the 3 R's Policy, which substantiates a goal of our services and of the Circular Economy;
  • Safety as a performance factor;
  • Rationalization of expenses and materials reuse;
  • Application of more advanced technologies in order to monitor technological progress and promote a service with high environmental benefits;
  • Stimulate growth and motivation through the involvement of all;
  • Eco-efficient management seeking to minimize the environmental impacts resulting from the activities carried out, preventing pollution and making a rational use of natural resources;
  • Activity management based on sustainable development.