Vila Nova de Famalicão develops water drainage project through green areas


With the rehabilitation of Vila Nova de Famalicão center, starting in 2020, in addition to the main squares having more space for pedestrians and outdoor events, they will also enjoy green areas with water drainage capacity, preventing overload of water. collectors that drain it into the Pelhe river and, consequently, avoiding floods.

It is expected that this requalification will end at the end of 2021, contemplating the Urban Sustainable Drainage System (SUDS), which includes actions such as the increase of green areas in the squares and the lowering of the boilers of the trees and flower beds, allowing a maximization of water use. Thus, the purpose of green areas will be to act as sponges that absorb rainwater, infiltrating it into the soil.

Francisca Magalhães, director of the Department of Urban Planning and Management of the Municipality of V. N. Famalicão, stresses that thanks to SUDS, which allows efficient water management at the urban level, floods and natural disasters can be avoided. In addition, the riverside vegetation along the Pelhe river will reinforce the city's biodiversity.

For Hidurbe, this is an example worthy of following thanks to the efficient use of green areas. Congratulations @municipiodevnfamalicao!

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