HIDURBE has developed work at the Solid Waste Treatment Station of Meia Serra - Madeira


Did you know that HIDURBE carried out the design and explored, between 2003 and 2009, the Solid Waste Treatment Plant (SWTP) of Meia Serra in Madeira?

The Meia Serra Solid Waste Treatment Plant (SWTP) is an important infrastructure in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, integrating solutions for recovery, treatment and final destination of waste in the Region.

HIDURBE focused its intervention on this SWTP in four main processes:

  • Urban Solid Waste Incineration Facility (USWIF);
  • Installation of Incineration of Hospital Waste and Slaughterhouse (IIHWS);
  • Urban Solid Waste Composting Facility (USWCF);
  • Landfills.

In addition, it participated in the design and operation of the ETZO, Porto Novo (ETZL and ETRI) and Porto Santo (CPRS) transfer, sorting, treatment and recovery of urban waste Treatment Plants.