Valorization Centrals

Hidurbe operates in the area of waste management, through the design, construction, rehabilitation, optimization and exploration of confinement and waste recovery units. These structures represent one of the waste chain stages, which begins with the collection and ends with its optimization or elimination.

By knowing that only the best service guarantees the environment preservation and sustainable development, at which project we aim to innovate and contribute to increase the efficiency of all used processes and techniques, promoting the waste into a resource.


Project: Exploitation of LIPOR Organic Valorization Central

Customer: LIPOR – Serviço Intermunicipalizado de Gestão de Resíduos do grande Porto
Treatment Capacity: 60 000 t/year

Project: Operation and maintenance of Madeira island Waste Treatment Center

Customer: Governo Regional da Madeira

Project: Elaboration of projects for the implementation of infrastructures in support of the Waste Treatment Center of Madeira island

Customer: Governo Regional da Madeira

Project: Requalification of the composting center of Setúbal Integrated Center

Customer: AMARSUL

Project: Complementary granulation of compound produced at the Organic Valorization Central

Customer: LIPOR

Project: Transport and granulation of the compost produced at the Organic Valorization Central

Customer: LIPOR