Hidurbe develops projects in the area of ​​renewable energy whose goal is to build a future where energy is cleaner, more efficient and more sustainable. So, it combines technical knowledge and offers a solution that stands out in terms of engineering, price and equipment.

Under concession regime for the installation and operation, we have Partners that guarantee the construction, financing, maintenance and supply of state-of-the-art equipment belonging to the TIER 1 List.

Through the use of the consumption profile and after a technical visit to validate the available space, shading, wiring and injection point, the detailed design is carried out under the Self-Consumption Production (UPAC) regime or another regime that is best suited.

The bet on self-consumption is clear, for several reasons:

  • There is no restriction on power as well as access to the Activity;
  • The cost of kWh avoided in consumption is currently at par with the operating cost of the systems;
  • The value of kWh avoided in consumption tends to increase while the price of self-consumed kWh is fixed throughout the life of the project.

Investment in a project of this type constitutes:

  • A use of unused space minimizing energy consumption and costs and the ecological footprint of the facility, including the possibility of obtaining green certificates;
  • An energy efficiency matrix that can be included in any energy rationalization program (SGCIE);
  • The increase of the autonomy of the installation and a marketing strategy of brand promotion by the bet in clean energies.


Project: New Photovoltaic Park at LIPOR facilities

Customer: Partnership between ENDESA Portugal, Hidurbe and LIPOR

Project: Installation of 2.200 high performance panels, occupying an area of about 5.400 m2 and with an installed capacity of 748 kWp.